ABOUT USBackwoods Holiday is looked after by a team of expert mountaineers, Skiers, Management experts and known faces from the fields of water, snow and air adventure sports headed by Vikas Kumar Dorje, an adventure sports tourist guide and denizen of Manali in Kullu valley. Vikas Kumar grew up braving the gusty winds and sub zero temperatures roaming free in its valleys and meadows and getting up daily with a dream to bring to the eyes of the world the real beauty of the place called Abode to Gods.

Backwoods Holiday as a concept is more than a tourism concern, it is the realisation of the long cherished dream of a true-blue highlander. Vikas Kumar, a true horticulturist at the heart has dedicated his youth towards spreading awareness about organic farming and implementing the same in his orchards located all around the area of the high altitude stay and training Camp run and owned by Backwoods Holiday.

A geography graduate by education Vikas Kumar has to his credit a number of Basic, Advanced and Instruction level certified courses in mountaineering, Skiing and Rafting. His fine skills and in depth understanding have always made Youth Hostels Association of India appoint him as a visiting faculty and guide for years.

At a commercial level, Vikas honed his adventure tours organizing skills and experienced the incredible peak climbing and mountain summiting moments with international expeditions. Before launching the venture called Backwoods Holiday Vikas Kumar gained experience and acquiring knowledge working with the top adventure tourist agencies in India and abroad.

Backwoods Holiday , set up in 2013 as a registered Tourism Agency with Himachal Tourism, Government of India authorized to conduct extreme adventure sports.



Our holiday itineraries are designed for all age groups. One can choose a particular activity according to one’s own level of fitness in general as well as on a particular day. We have easy, moderate and tough treks and tours from 1 day to 13 days long.

Our tour leaders spend maximum time with guests talking to them in the form of proper Briefing before the activity and De-briefing after the activity, when they are on a tour. As interests and capabilities vary, our leaders will typically guide day hikes according to group’s needs and the difficulty of particular hikes.

Our tour leaders take immense pains to handle themselves all the transportation activities be it ferrying people across, supplying goods or other forms of logistics support and tour logistics en-route to ensure your maximise your time on holiday.