BACKWOODS MOUNTAIN CAMPBackwoods mountain Camp can offer you complete freedom when choosing a holiday in Manali. If you enjoy the outdoors there is nothing better than escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life and waking up to peace and tranquillity. live amongst wildlife in its natural habitat. Enjoy cooking by the campfire, eating outdoors and getting close to all the outdoor activities you enjoy.

Many of our everyday lives are a hectic mess. It is good to spend an evening poking at a fire with a stick and just relaxing and letting our minds wander. With no distracting sounds from the phone, television, internet, or video games, your mind is free to ponder over your problems and perhaps come up with some deep self explored solutions.

Backwoods mountain camp is situated in mountains of Manali. It has a 150 year old wooden house used for dinning and kitchen garden good enough to give a rustic experience.

BACKWOODS MOUNTAIN CAMPFor small group of friends and family it is equipped with only 6 tents with twin sharing cozy and warm ground beds with hot water and common toilet facility.

One can spend time here in camp reading books, go for a day hike, do mountain biking, rock climbing or bouldering or spend time playing some musical instruments.

This site can introduce you to the world of camping or just give you tips and advice for your next trip into the great outdoors. There are tips and pieces of advice to help you choose the right equipment and how to have a safe and enjoyable camping holiday.


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