spiti_valleyWalking holiday with home-stays in Spiti Valley gives you the chance to experience a Buddhist way of life that has remained unchanged for centuries. You will interact closely with the local people as they go out for the daily tasks of farming, water management and cooking at home. Some of the world’s most endangered species are found in the Spiti valley and you may be lucky enough to encounter a Snow Leopard, Tibetan Wolf or Blue Sheep.

The valleys of Spiti is also known as ‘middle country’ because its tucked between high plateau of Tibet and Great Himalaya. It remains cut off from rest of the world most of the time, due to its relative isolation, various unique and rare aspect of Buddhist culture are well preserved in Spiti valley.

Home stay offers one a unique and exclusive insight in to this mystical land, its people, their rich culture heritage and its diverse flora and fauna.

Season:- June to September.
Max.Altitude:- 4250m
Duration:- 09 Days.
Trek Grade:- Easy to Moderate


spiti_valleyDay 01:- Manali to Chandrataal (4270m)drive.7-8hrs
Drive over mighty Rohtang pass (3970m)to reach through barren and rugged mountains of Chandra valley. On the way one can have enchanting view of Barashigri glacier and towering peaks.Chandrataal is a lake between the brown deserted mountains .o/n in camp.

Day 02:- Chandrataal to Kaza. 3810m
We drive over the Kunzum pass (4551m) the gate way to Spiti valley, the first village Losar welcomes on the foothill of pass , we drive along the Spiti river and through many small villages. o/n in hotel.

Day 03:- Kaza to Langza .4400m
Walking along the mountain side above Kaza the traveler gets the spectacular view of the meandering silver water of the Spiti river on the valley floor. The route gradually goes in to the Shilla valley, the high altitude valley in upper plateau where herds ofYaks graze freely. Langza is a home of 900 year old monastery. o/n in Local Home

spiti_valleyDay 04:- Langza to Komic. 4513m
Today is a easy walk to Komic village. En route one pass by the ruins of last monastery which was destroyed by earth quake in 1971. o/n in Local Home

Day 05:- Komic to Demul 4357m
The trail takes one along the edge of the higher plateau overlooking the Spiti river and valley far below. Other side of the river one will see endless row of steep ,and sparsely populated mountains of the trans Himalaya . o/n in Local Home

Day 06:- Demul to Lalung 4158m
Today a steep zig zag descent from high plateau to reach Lingti river. Lingti river originates in Tibet and passes through beautiful Lalung village. Lalung monastery was founded by Rinchen zangpo in 10th century. Its is famous for its statue of the three cornered Budha, made with three side to symbolize Budha looking all direction at once. o/n in Local Home

spiti_valleyDay 07:- Lalung to Dhankar 3890m
Easy walk through meadows towards Dhankar monastery. Dhankar monastery was once castle, it’s a superb example of Spiti’s traditional architecture skill. After visit to monastery ascent 1 hrs more to reach a lake above the Dhankar village. o/n in Local Home

Day 08:- Dhankar – Kaza
Today we drive back to Kaza. o/n in hotel.

Day 09:- Kaza to Manali
Today drive back to Manali by road. Or one can extend tour to Kinnour and Shimla from here.